Monday, April 13, 2009

Batman #156 - "Robin Dies At Dawn"

God I love this drawing. I don't understand it, but I kind of wish this Japanese-esque style of drawing was used a lot more in older comics. In this story, published in June 1963, Batman and Robin find themselves on an alien world, and the inhospitable environment ends up killing the Boy Wonder. Then Batman wakes up and it's revealed that there never was an outer space adventure - the Bat was hallucinating the whole time, having volunteered for some kind of government-military experiment designed to "test the effect abject loneliness would have on potential astronauts on upcoming spaceflights." I haven't read the story yet (it's in the process of d o w n l o a d i n g right now), but it plays a key role in the most recent run on Batman.

If you are interested at all by my nerdy fascination and look to expand your nerdiness yourself, this page does a great job of critiquing Batman #156:

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