Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Research Studio first project

This is my first project from my Research Studio class.
Assignment: Find a contemporary artist in either the Art Institute or the Museum of Contemporary Art whose work "turns you on" (my teacher's words, not mine), research the artist, and make a piece of art that is "opposite" to the art in some way. I chose the artist Henry Darger and the illustration that is below (I don't think it has a title). You should look up Henry Darger, he is really interesting. Anyways, here is my project.

Core class first project

These are pictures from my first project in Core Studio Practices.
The assignment was to make a shelter out of paper that was "cute," that you could fit into, and that you had to be in at the start of class for when attendance was called. I am putting pictures in order from almost start to finish, so hopefully how I made it makes sense from the pictures I post.