Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Core class first project

These are pictures from my first project in Core Studio Practices.
The assignment was to make a shelter out of paper that was "cute," that you could fit into, and that you had to be in at the start of class for when attendance was called. I am putting pictures in order from almost start to finish, so hopefully how I made it makes sense from the pictures I post.


Jan R said...

Okay, Dad was here at Flotronics and showing off your work. As he should! We want to know what the top fabric is. I say toilet paper and your Dad said it looked like fabric. But according to your description it had to be of paper. So fess up--what is it?

Co-Worker of your Dad
Jan Ritter

BenBertin said...

You were both wrong, actually, though you were closer, Jan. It's actually paper which I cut into strips and then cut along the edges of to make almost the same kind of covering tht you see on pinatas. It took forever.

Jan R said...

Well, it turned out great and you should be proud. I have a nephew on my husbands side who is an artist. He also went to an art school in Chicago. When I find out where I will pass it on. He is now in metal and if I can find my files I will send you some great pics.

Jan R

vicouse said...

hey benny did you really curl up in their for the begining of class the thought of that makes me giggle a lot