Saturday, September 29, 2012

Handmade Stamps #1 -- Cookie Dude

A handmade stamp project for a friend, met at Uncle Fun, who goes by the moniker Cookie Dude. He bakes cookies and cakes and fights crime, I think?  He does it all.

The original illustration, by "NP".
The completed stamp.
The stamped stamp.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Red Cloth Sketchbook #5: "OOFO KOMSK -- The Naked Time"

Tourtoise Tee Mid-week Reminder!

Don't forget and don't regret not getting yourself an IAN tee shirt!  First edition print by Tourtoise Tee and graphic by yours truly.  No joke.  Remember, this shirt is available for one week only, the sale ends this Thursday, September 14th!

The Tourtoise Tee model is progressive and unique: for every shirt purchased, the artist receives $2, and for every two shirts purchased, the band receives one free printed shirt.  The website even features a breakdown in the production schedule, walking through step by step from initial release day to packing and shipping.  Most important to me, and this is a big deal as many visual artists will have you know, the rights to the image on the shirt remain the sole property of the artist (Artist and Band Terms and Agreements are both up on the site for all to see).  This kind of overall transparency is unusual but very welcome, and shows just how much care Tourtoise Tee has for its contributors.  Click the image below to show your support as well!

Friday, September 07, 2012

Red Cloth Sketchbook #2: Head Hugger Sketches

Check out some of the original sketches for my design for Tourtoise Tee's debut shirt featuring IAN!  See the final design in the post below.

Again, to learn more about Tourtoise Tee and to purchase your very own IAN shirt, visit  This design will be available for only one week!  Get one (or two, why dontchya) while you can!

To learn more about IAN, visit his site: He's an incredibly talented man, ever-inspiring and always pushing the limits of whatever he does (and he does a lot, you see).

Tourtoise Tee Debut Design Feat. IAN!

Today marks the release of the very first design available from Tourtoise Tee, a home grown Chicago tee shirt company!  Shirts are designed by local artists and feature local bands, in this case myself and my great friend and extreme talent IAN.

New shirt designs are released weekly, so if you'd like your own limited edition IAN shirt, don't hesitate! Sales for this first edition tee print will end in one week, on Thursday, September 13th. Buy shirts and learn more about Tourtoise Tee at

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Red Postcard 4

[$12 -- See earlier posts!]

Red Postcard 3

Another Red Postcard! Same deal as before:

$12 to send the postcard (an original work of art!) anywhere you'd like. Include with your payment a message containing the destination of the card and a short message and/or drawing you'd like included on the back of your postcard! All proceeds to go to my next project: a small run of mini-books in boxes! The outside of each box and the front cover of the book will be hand-stamped, and I hope to raise enough to print the mini-books inside on newsprint. They'll be bound by hand, as well. More postcards (and other work) to come!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Red Postcard Series

I've been drawing on the same kind of postcard paper as a drawing that I previously posted, Mt. Reenensteen (which has since been donated to an auction for the art department of my high school), and I've decided that, since I've been getting excited about postcards and mail-art recently, that I'll be selling a short series of postcard art, starting with the two postcards above!

Just click the Paypal "Pay Now" button below to have one of these one-of-a-kind Red Postcard drawings sent to you (or anyone you choose) for $12.00. Include with your payment a message with the postcard you'd like, the address you'd like that postcard sent to, and a short description of a drawing or words (or both!) that you'd like included in your personalized message on the back. I have just these two for now, but expect five more in the coming weeks! All proceeds go toward the completion of my next project, a very small run of mini-books in boxes (details to follow!).

Oppress -- or/ed