Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sketch for "Moon"



1 stop mooning about WASTE TIME, loaf, idle, mope; informal lollygag.

2 he’s mooning over her photograph MOPE, pine, brood, daydream,fantasize, be in a reverie.

Friday, December 04, 2009

"Drunk" "Again"

I visited the Intuit museum today (Chicago's outsider art museum) and was lucky enough to spot this tattoo design of knock-off Mickey Mouse who is " 'Drunk' 'Again' " (love those quotation marks). The current main floor show is called Freaks and Flash, a show about tattoo designs ("Flash") and the people who sport them ("Freaks") --

-- Of course the Mickey tattoo design (which I'm considering getting, by the way, tramp stamp, perhaps?) reminded me of R. Crumb's famous poster "Stoned Agin!" --

-- which was the inspiration for another piece of art that I posted in October, and this Series 5 Garbage Pail Kids card illustrated by John Pound, card #177: Lazy Louie or (as the card that I own names him) Meltin' Milton. The image below is of the original artwork, which was already sold, apparently, on eBay, but I've already contacted Pound about the original pencil and color roughs for this painting. I've never bought a piece of art before, but it seems like this might be a good place to start; here's to inebriation and art about it!