Monday, September 10, 2012

Tourtoise Tee Mid-week Reminder!

Don't forget and don't regret not getting yourself an IAN tee shirt!  First edition print by Tourtoise Tee and graphic by yours truly.  No joke.  Remember, this shirt is available for one week only, the sale ends this Thursday, September 14th!

The Tourtoise Tee model is progressive and unique: for every shirt purchased, the artist receives $2, and for every two shirts purchased, the band receives one free printed shirt.  The website even features a breakdown in the production schedule, walking through step by step from initial release day to packing and shipping.  Most important to me, and this is a big deal as many visual artists will have you know, the rights to the image on the shirt remain the sole property of the artist (Artist and Band Terms and Agreements are both up on the site for all to see).  This kind of overall transparency is unusual but very welcome, and shows just how much care Tourtoise Tee has for its contributors.  Click the image below to show your support as well!

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