Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Trapped on an Island in the Middle of Chicago

Here is the project that I have been working on the most recently. It's done now, but here are some pictures of the process of making it. In my Core class there are three teachers (2D 3D and 4D) and one of my teachers helped me learn how to make a mold in his free time (and I haven't even been in his section yet). It was really cool of him, and it really helped the project. The first picture is of the original after being "shelacked." It had to have some kind of smooth finish so the latex would stick to it when I made the mold. I painted 10-12 coats of the latex onto the original before taking it out and casting some molds. Instead of straight up plaster, I used hydrocal, a much harder stuff. A five pound bag cost me only $ 0.75. That was exciting. Overall I think I have 20 of these figures, plus a bigger handmade one who sits in the middle of them all on a paper mache island. I broke some of them, but I have this great glue that works really well, so I was ablt to fix them and put them in the piece too. My critique is today (hopefully - my teacher is splitting this final crit over two class periods and I really dont want to have to keep hauling all of this stuff around), so wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

This is so exciting! That one photo of the handmade fella' sitting amoungst the molded fellas' is freaking creepy. I love it, I think it captures very well the vision I got when you described the plan to me. Creepy! They're little smiling fools!

hahaha. awesome.


Dad said...

Benjamin -
What an awesome project!!! I love the idea that you've molded one of your figures - very cool! I am so proud of what you've accomplished so far. You should feel pretty good yourself at this point.


Anonymous said...

What was the "assignment" for this project?

Can you post a picture of the guy in the middle by himself - it is hard to see all of him

I love this project