Friday, September 28, 2007

Andromeda / Awakening


Dad said...

Benjamin -
Was this the project that you were to have done for Thursday? It's pretty cool, but can you explain what you were asked to do? How did you create the solar swirl?

BenBertin said...

The assignment was to make a story in 4 panels. I bent the rules, as art students are supposed to do, I guess.
The "solar swirl" is actually a picture taken of the Andromeda galaxy that I found on a NASA website. I turned it to black and white in Photoshop, resized it, altered the levels so that the whites were whiter and the blacker. Then I gave the image to the Service Bureau at my school (basically the print shop) and they printed it onto a piece of transparent plastic. I took that image and, using light sensitive photo-emulsion material (a kind of liquid that one coats a silk-screen with and lets dry) and a very powerful UV light table, I "burned" the image onto my screen. The parts that the light touches harden, and the parts that the light does not touch is then washed out of the screen with a hose. Then I let the screen dry, mix the ink, and print. I use the same method with the comics themselves, but with a transparent paper that I draw on myself (it could be tracing paper or vellum or transparent plastic).